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Are You an Employee or a Subcontractor?

This is an important question to be aware of, especially for small businesses. Most people may think there are not many differences between the two; however, how things are carried out in the business and the potential outcome of tasks, make all the difference. It is important to […]

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Scam Alert

Tax Scam

Tax Scam Phone Calls

Currently one of my client received this email,

“Dear Canada Revenue Agency Customer,

 After the last annual calculation of your fiscal activity we have determined that you are eligible to receive a tax refund of $410.50.

 Please submit the […]

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Why do I have to pay tax by Installments?

Personal Tax Installments


You have to pay tax by installments for the same reason that most people have tax withheld from their income throughout the year. If you earn income that has no tax withheld or does not have enough tax withheld for more than […]

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Improving Cash Flow Strategies

Cash Flow Importance

Why is cash flow so important for a business? A simple answer to this question is, without proper cash management no business can survive and resultantly leads to trouble with creditors and ultimately in bankruptcy. Therefore, it is safe to say that cash […]

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