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2016 Federal budget

2016 federal budget proposes to keep the small business tax rate at 10.5 % after 2016. As a result, the budget also proposes to maintain the dividend gross-up rate at 17% and dividend tax credit (21/29 of the gross-up rate) rates applicable to non-eligible […]

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Eligible and Non-eligible Dividends

Eligible dividends

An eligible dividend is any taxable dividend paid to a resident of Canada by a Canadian corporation that is designated by that corporation to be an eligible dividend. A corporation’s capacity to pay eligible dividends depends mostly on its status. In simple terms […]

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Automobile Taxable Benefits

Employee’s benefit

Report the value of the benefit including the GST/HST that applies in box 14, “Employment income,” and in the “Other information” area enter code 34 at the bottom of the employee’s T4 slip.

Also, report the benefit […]

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Business Strategy

What is strategy and why it is important?

To compete effectively in the market place you need a strategy. If there is no competition, there would be no need for a strategy. Joan Magretta, an author of Harvard Business Review Press said, “Strategy explains how an organization faced with competition will achieve superior performance.”

Why strategy […]

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