Not For Profit Organizations

Accounting, Bookkeeping and Audit Services for Not-For-Profit Organizations


Accurate and timely accounting information is imperative for Not-for-Profit organizations. In order for Non-Profit organizations to succeed, reliable financial statements are essential to stay on budget. CNC offers services specifically for NPOs, to target the members’ needs while staying in compliance with regulatory changes. Our services range from CRA information reports such as registering a charity, to various financial statements, listed below

We prepare special CRA information reports

  • T1044 Non-Profit Organization (NPO) Information Return
  • T3010 Registered Charity Information Return
  • T2050 – Application to Register a Charity Under the Income Tax Act


Financial Statements For NPOs

  • Notice To Reader
  • Review Engagement
  • Audit Engagement



Recently Coastal Sound Music Academy found themselves looking for a new accounting firm to perform an annual review engagement.  There were the usual issues to consider when deciding on an accounting firm; experience with non-profit accounting and reporting requirements, price, the willingness to assist with various federal and provincial filings if necessary and provide advice on financial issues that might arise from time to time.  Nafees Chaudhry and his firm CNC Chartered Professional Accountant certainly met these criteria but in addition, Nafees was genuinely interested in our organization.  He took the time to understand what our organization did, what our goals were, what we did on a daily basis to accomplish those goals and what we were expecting to accomplish in the future.

When an accounting firm can provide all the necessary professional expertise, an excellent price structure and a genuine interest in our organization, the decision was easy to make.

Thank you Nafees.

Shirley Reeve, Coastal Sound Music Academy Society